Our Team

Nick McShane BEc (Hons)

Nick is the Managing Director of Stenning & Associates. He has an extensive background and 25 years of experience in public policy and microeconomic and regulatory reform issues. Nick is a specialist in Government microeconomic and regulatory reform activity and in the national Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. In particular, he is a recognised national expert in business licensing, the impact of regulation on small business and the interface between business compliance requirements and the national VET system.

Anita Gordon BCom AFAIM

Anita Gordon is a Director of Stenning & Associates and a highly experienced project manager, business analyst and researcher. Anita manages the data services aspect of our business. Anita is an acknowledged national expert in compliance data and its characteristics, with extensive experience in Commonwealth, State and Local Government regulatory issues and compliance data. She has unsurpassed knowledge and experience in designing information architectures and user interfaces for compliance data to facilitate user-discovery.

Kim Sylow BA (Hons)

Kim is a highly experienced project manager and team leader. She has extensive skills and knowledge in high level policy research, analysis and advice, regulatory reform and compliance, vocational education and training, and quantitative and qualitative research relating to the small business environment.

Sam Waterhouse BES

Sam joined Stenning & Associates as a casual research officer in early 2012. He completed his Bachelor of Educational Studies at the University of Tasmania in 2013. Sam is the Service Leader for our data services projects where he provides advice and guidance to our research officers.