Data Services

We have unmatched experience and specialised knowledge regarding the collection, maintenance, auditing and monitoring of data and related databases and online delivery services.

As recognised national experts in compliance information, business licensing, codes of practice and planning instruments issues, our experience in dealing with compliance related data spans the three spheres of Government (Commonwealth, State and Local) and we have provided data services to all jurisdictions in Australia. Our experience and expertise covers:

  • Collecting and maintaining regulatory and compliance related data
  • Classifying regulatory and compliance related data to facilitate user discovery
  • Developing and implementing online regulatory and compliance related databases and information services.

Our particular skills include:

  • Knowledge and understanding of government licensing/regulatory compliance activities
  • Metadata schema design and implementation
  • Classification and indexing schema design and implementation
  • Database design, review and management
  • Web content management strategy
  • Project planning and management
  • Stakeholder consultation and management.

We take pride in our commitment to high data quality through thoroughness of our data maintenance and classification methodologies. As our client's will attest, we have a sound track record in producing high quality, value for money deliverables on time and within budget.