Our Associates

We have a wide network of companies with whom we collaborate on various projects. In all cases, the associations we utilise for particular projects are aimed at providing the best team for the task. Our principal associates include:

Artibus Innovation

A specialist skills service organisation which develops and maintains industry skill standards for the Construction, Plumbing and Services and Property Services industries. 

Geometry Pty Ltd

A national leader in the design, development and implementation of large enterprise systems where spatial information and Internet delivery are key components.

John Ramsay & Associates

A consultancy specialising in strategic policy, legislative and operational solutions at a State and national level across health and human services; environment, planning, land management; natural resources; and law and justice.

Lista Pty Ltd

A consultancy specialising in vocational education and training issues. 

The Work Lab

An innovative industry based social and market research organisation focused on education and training research and industry development research.